Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Learning things the hard way is never much fun. But it usually makes for a good story.

Last week, some of Dude's friends gathered in San Francisco for Passover. It was decided to all stay at the same hotel for convenience of shuttling people around and due to proximity to others it was further decided to stay at Beck's Motor Lodge on Market near Castro.

Beck's has decent, clean rooms. A bit small, but the price is reasonable and parking is free. Dude checked in at 10:00 PM and it being a Friday night, was not surprised that the place was fairly active. In the middle of the night, someone stuck their arm in to the room and moved the curtains aside to look in. This was very strange and a call was made to the security guard downstairs, but nothing came of it.

In the morning, Dude and his friends were watching television. The door was open a bit because the windows only open three inches and being directly over the laundry area, the room tended to get hot and stuffy. At around 9:00 AM, some guy walked by and then opened the door further, stuck his head in and said in a very strange voice, "Hiiiiii."

Dumfounded, Dude and his friends just sat there staring at the unknown individual. At which point, Chet (as he was later named for no other reason that to not say "that really weird guy" any more) turned around and left. Over the course of the next two hours, Chet would walk around the balcony of the second and third floors of the hotel and then leave. Never stopping at Dude's room again.

Then out came the laptop where Dude stole some local bandwidth to find out three very important things. First is that the internet consensus on Beck's Motor Lodge is that it is a reasonable place to stay. Second is that the international symbol for a sexual invitation is to leave one's door slightly ajar. Third is Beck's Motor Lodge is a popular place, wink wink.