Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Dude was in San Francisco for work last week at Company B. On Friday, Dude hooked up with some friends from his previous employer, Company A and went to a local watering hole until the place closed. Dude's flight back home was on Saturday and decided to head back to the hotel around 3:30 AM.

Upon walking in to the hotel, Dude told the front desk clerk to make sure there was a wake-up call in an hour. In a moment of lucidity, Dude packed his clothes and other items and then went to sleep. Fortunately (magically), Dude woke up at 4:46 AM only to find that in the zealousness to pack that the phone had been knocked off the hook. The shuttle was due at 5:00 AM so there was no time for a shower. Just pick up the bag and head downstairs.

Dude got to the lobby of the hotel and waited for the shuttle. Outside the hotel was a couple talking, presumably waiting for a shuttle as well or possibly returning from a late evening. The gentlemen was wearing a sport coat and slacks. The woman was wearing an expensive camel hair coat and a silk blouse. After a few minutes, a guy on a motorcycle shows up and parks next to them but doesn't appear to engage in the conversation. Soon, they move towards a black lexus and so Dude starts to think that it's just a very late night.

Next, Dude had to deal with the hotel staff because there was a charge on the room for a meal that Dude never had. After a little bit of argument and an attempt to find the receipt for the meal, the hotel agreed to remove the charge. Returning to the front door, Dude found that the people were gone. With the arrival of the shuttle imminent and the weather being generally nice, Dude stepped outside to wait. Within 30 seconds, Dude was acosted by two different people asking to "spare a quarter." Five quarters later, the shuttle arrives and Dude gets in and sits in the back ready to go to the airport and head home.

Just after the door to the shuttle closes, the woman from the previous trio comes up to the van,. Maybe they were waiting for the shuttle after all. The woman opens the door and says to Dude, "Hello, do I know you from somewhere?"
Dude replies, "No, I don't think so."
"Are you sure, because you look familiar?" the woman asserts.
"No, I'm pretty sure," Dude says.
Finally, the woman says "Well let me give you my card."

Dude took the card and looked at it as the shuttle engine started. On the card was simply a name, Hayat, and a phone number. Looking to the right, the woman was standing on the street side of the van. As the shuttle pulled away, the woman opened her shirt and displayed two large, surgically-enhanced, gravity-defying breasts and then cupped each one with her hand.